Skin disease

Block your ears and cover your eyes

blind to reality a life lived in lies.

Pain and deceit we sweep under the mat

 gorge the senses as falsity becomes fat.

Why am i so envious, why am i so jealous

In fault finding i’m finding i’m over zealous.

Looking within i’m shaken by contamination

lets just super-impose on others, don’t deal with lamentation.

Beauty is not skin deep

compassion allows the heart to weep.

Yet i cry for my selfish self or the i that’s seen in others

a skin disease relative to fathers, mothers and brothers.

How to change the heart initiate reformation

from savouring  sins germination.

We are to be seen, blinded by illusion

bashed by objects of enjoyment now in states of confusion.

 He is the splendour of the splendid

By His grace our ignorance is mended.

He is the wisdom of the wise

Can’t hide from Him, no matter the  disguise.