Grisly inside as darkness just dawned

the strength of the strong has sleepily just yawned.

Hacking at desires whilst knifing myself

the pains sometimes soothing whilst dying to thyself.

Waging an invisible war known to none

untold boogies on the radar yet no ammo in my gun.

Fist to face and steel to flesh

i’m a tiny baby i should be in creche.

No amor and fortress’s been breached

crying out for help but the cavalry can’t be reached.

Sniper of the roof got’s me in her scope

bullet to the brain, is there any hope?

Seeing myself see myself, as they drag me to hell

what am i doing here? Then my atrocities they tell.

Burning and boiling and clutching fire

its all my doing as a human i’d not take consciousness higher.

Bond by ropes of desire and  by their noose shall i be strung

slave to an unchaste savage tongue.

Will i learn my lesson and turn to transform

Or in the next life another family for an empty body shall morn.