Numbness begetting numb

to a lesser nature once again succumb.

Toil & struggle undone

wickedness of a wanton mind’s won.


Seeped into thought and now a reality

steeped in its trappings I’m a casualty.

Unclean senses ever so unchaste

my voyage concealed in nights haste.


Bound by darkness they’ll ravage my soul

one two many times forsaken the goal.

i’ve screwed myself with internal espionage

in the guise of sheep a wolf’s breaks camouflage.


Done it again, once, twice, thrice

embraced the serpents coils of vice.

Turning to stone as flesh whittle to bone

sauntering in sin, to the jackals i’m thrown.


Clamouring for love But i’ve  forgotten how

 burning for instant gratification, immediately… right Now!