An army assembles with an arsenal of books 

perceived adversity portrayed through hostile looks.

Ringing door bells, knocking on pride 

on the streets ain’t no place to hide. 

Tranquillised by a hoax, tantalised by sin

soldiers long to help but they too attached to their skin.

Its not that we any better, simply aspiring for change 

spiritual revelations initiated by an etherial exchange.

Sacred text bestowing wisdom to even the wise 

its cardio for the soul a spiritual exercise.

No want do i have to share the mercy 

please don’t tell anyone, it will cause some controversy 

i hear them getting ready, about to take to the street

i’m cowering in crevasses, plotting my retreat.

we all have our conditioned natures 

ever so sorry  i can’t follow these legislatures. 

i see them making eye contact, now they shaking hands 

for an introvert these are alien lands.

Trapped in my trappings, prison of contamination

hot boxed my self in the sauna of mental agitation 

rejection, so vehement, got to get my way 

worlds poised for my pleasure, cant have it sway.

shun purification, nah i’d rather bash my head on this wall

eclipsed by illusion, perpetually i choose to fall