Can you show me to a place where dreams come true? So your hopes of becoming an afronaut were aborted, thou laying on the beach drinking beer is sort of like floating through space. Your business failed but not because of you,  for you where at the Casino most of the time.

Odds are if we don’t pursue our dreams they aren’t realised. Sadly, societies fancy in the 21st century are hinged on sex, wine, cash and flesh of beasts, which bestow no love nor peace. We are addicted to the folly of dead dreams — that which yields no spiritual result and gives painful pleasure. The day dream of happiness in this realm is just that — a dream. The reality is that our eternal reality awaits, all we have to do is slay the monsters of madness, which reside not under our bed but beneath the blanket of our mind.

In the last edition of HKN we discussed the mind, material enjoyment and their toxic attraction to one another. This week’s article will focus on how to repel unhealthy bonds of attraction based on understanding the psychology of Bhakti Yoga.

The psychology of Bhakti pivots on nurturing the mood of pure devotional service, which entails a cultivation of emotions. Emotions act as an adhesive for the mind’s attachment and via the process of Bhakti the mind becomes “stuck on” God. In psychological terms an emotional response is derived from the affective side of the mind. The word affective means a mental state of aroused emotions, like the state of affection Donald Trump has for … Donald Trump. The mind is also constituted of a cognitive — thinking — side and a conative — active — side. Of the thinking, willing and feeling aspects of the mind affective — emotions/feelings are chief —, cognition and conation are subservient.

All truly wholesome harmonious emotions culminate in love. Bhakti deflects the spirit soul’s love for dead mundane dreams to the Supreme reality. As the affective side of the mind holds sway over the thinking and active feature the purifying effect of Bhakti on the affective side is of paramount importance. But Bhakti enchants all mental functioning’s, it’s not solely an affair of the heart.

Bhakti is at the pinnacle of the yoga ladder as it amalgamates all aspects of the mind. One’s cognition is fully engaged with spiritual literature, planing of festivals and other such activities for the pleasure of God. In pursuance of this, Bhakti brings to the cognitive side right discrimination and integrity. Meditation, singing, dancing and spiritual book & food distribution appeals to the active side of the mind. Resulting in the conative part of the mind becoming purified by right action, spiritual practice and welfare work. And serving God in His personal Deity form — cooking, dressing or monetary contributions for His daily services — creates an emotional link between the practitioner and the Supreme Person. This slowly instills in the affective side of the mind a resolute yearning for God and nothing else. As a result other ideal emotional states are brought forward : a well wishing attitude to all living beings, compassion, nonviolence and joyfulness. Bhakti brings to all three parts of the mind a holistic and practical means of surrender to the all attractive absolute truth.

Paradise isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. The trouble is we spend our days looking out. That place were dreams truly come true resides neither in heaven nor in hell, for it lies within you. Bhakti yoga connects all aspects of psychology ( head and heart)  transforming the nightmare of material existence into a waking dream of eternal reality. Seize the day, live in the now and arise to the reality of devotion thereby awakening your love Supreme.