When the mind is mined


The stain of my brain is projected onto the “ other”

yet at heart are they not my kin, not unlike my brother?

Housed in glass and throwing stones

a personality moulded by malicious undertones.


We are so very similar thou so many faults do i find

 their ocean of virtue i’m closed eyed, perpetually blind.

For my ego’s on a mantle as the world revolves around me

student of pride, vanity my P.H.D


Perceived imperfections of the “other” my Achilles heel

multilayered impurities beginning to un-peel.

Excavating introspectively and mining the mind

exhuming all life’s impediments & the reasons for being so unkind.


Not the centre of the universe, or as important as i think

the more we focus on the Supreme, the more false ego shrink.

Application of spiritual knowledge leads to untold Truth

beat and bash the sullied mind with the transcendental Boot.


Cosmically big simultaneously atomically small

He doesn’t require anything from us as He has it all.

As He descends from spiritual sky just to takes us home

Just call out His name, Amen, Hare Krsna or AUM


He is the splendour of the splendid

wisdom of the wise and on whom innumerable universes depended.

Can’t hide from Him, no matter the  disguise

His divine form & face with spiritual eyes begin to recognise.