Temporal Trinkets in Time

Death is stalking & we are walking with heads in the cloud

arrested, uncontested prisoned to ways to proud.

We are not that which we think we are

a fallacy gone way too far.

Sons to darkness, lost remembrance to rays of sun

souls absent to reality, from ourselves, we try to run.

Rocking a T – shirt thinking we are Adidas

is like riding a donkey, thinking we are the ass.

For my illusion & confusion is better than yours

repeated cycles of birth & death, trapped in revolving doors.

Our mind, best of friend’s or worst of foe’s

steers us to saintly beings or hounding after hoes.

Like a child we keep falling with no stability on our path

unlike a child, we lack innocences, calamity of heart.

Living in regret, enthusiasm starts to wane

drowning in depression, charlatan to shame.

Test of faith, trial of character, is conviction firm

if so when before thy Lord no need to squirm.

What we want is not our dire need

 temporal trinkets cause the core of our hearts to bleed.

Alas, hungry for honour, hankering after respect

who wants to be an insignificant insect.

We are conditioned by our conditioning

embroiled, absorbed in mundane positioning.

So just who is crazy, me or you

Basked in dawn or hazed by a material hue.

Learn, earn, spurn and  forced to return

better we in this life our false ego blaze and burn.