Harbinger of Hope 

Binding us back, reigning us in 

fold to the mould of what’s in vogue

watch you BMI, got’s to be thin 

different shades of grey 

oh yes, that's ok.

They’ll tell us whats pretty 

how to wear our hair, 

gotta buy those sneakers 

with the logo over there 

Covet the vehicle of the soul 

bedazzled with trinkets of pride 

door bell sounds heralding the saints 

shut the windows & doors … go run and hide 

Yet dying, and in demise so covered 

buried by  jewels pined & mined 

in life they bequeath no pleasure 

 in death they cataract vision, rendering us blind

How shall we go from God fearing to loving ?

danced and pranced for selfish joy

for glee can solely be realised serving He 

twirling and whirling in the moonlight of a spiritual convoy  

Cultivate one’s connection with the Devine 

then even a wretched fool like i becomes simply sublime