Searching, soul searching whilst tattered from pilar to post

entertained by untold lifetimes, haunted by a sensual ghost.

Gorging on thorns and savouring my own blood

contaminated conditioning, chaperoned through mud.

Laying on beds of money, whilst our soul lies wide awake

cuddling a cute bunny rabbit, realising its a snake.

All the while fighting fire with fire sets the world a blaze

won’t turn the other cheek cause we frenzied in an eye for an eye craze.

Smeared in darkest sin, yet your black is Supreme beauty

we do…we do love you, alas for now out of duty.

we’ve hurt You so much, hurt for sooo long

dancing with sons of hell fire to the melody of our own song.

Hands of time scribe activities of our folly

as we grope in darkness, harlots to melancholy.

Suddenly mercy flows forth, an inundation of heart

still we continue our toil and struggle yet now for our Supreme Counterpart.

Eclipsed in gloom, slowly beginning to bask in light

lower tastes receding, savouring an ethereal appetite.

Blessings are for all, saints care not for colour or creed

the yearning of the soul is our only need.

Chain our eyes to Your Feet, sight so unchaste

bewitched by a fake, a copy and  paste.

dacoits of false ego have stolen You from us

and we just caved in, didn’t  make a fuss.

Because our hearts are now shallow, how can love delve deep

God gives us a sample, He gives us a tiny peep.

Heavenly words falling, forming wisdom so sweet

hope it will result in us being a little less incomplete.