Worldly shelter awards no relief

cause it’s an existence shrouded in grief.

When not shaded by the umbrella of Grace

better to build in outer space.


They sculpt our psyche to feeling falsely  free

comforted by cars, boozed in bars, still barren of all glee.

Ancient wisdom  satiates  the soul

yet pain cloaked as pleasure is endorsed as the goal.


Doing my duty and in dignity die

as cheeks are wet from eyes that won’t dry.

Flung the boomerang of joy and distress

as the roulette wheel of life spawns untold stress.


Traveling, soul traveling, through times and places

changing bodies, spaces and even faces.

Death to the body as certain as day is to night

yet embrace sensual desire as our sole delight.


Wrinkled, grey and old

this vehicle’s becoming decrepit, sullied and cold.

Fighting in this life, solaced in death

pursuance of a path were we need not fret.